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Our 2020 Goal - #gozerowaste
We are on a mission to go zero waste at home and at The Bath Bomb Co!
As a business owner, I cannot stand by a moment longer and accept that plastic is just a part of our way of life. This past Christmas brought a huge realization, one that really opened my eyes. It was Christmas morning and eyes were all a glow with loads of Christmas gifts to open and enjoy. One gift, two gifts, ten gifts and more. Joy was on everyone's face and I could see how pleased we all were with all that we gave and received. Then as I reached for a bag and started collecting all of the waste, I had this heavy feeling in my heart. Plastic liners from all of the toys my son unwrapped, plastic packaging from make-up, bath products, kitchen stuff, electronics and more. The list went on as I collected all of this toxic waste. All I could think about was "where will all of this plastic go?" ... to a land fill I am sure. Even if you recycle ... you have to ask yourself, how much is actually being recycled? That is when I decided that 2020  was going to be our go zero waste year. I saw the image above and it has greatly impacted my decision to do this. It is my vow that by Christmas of 2020, The Bath Bomb Co., will offer you a head to toe bath and beauty routine in eco-friendly, non-toxic, non plastic packaging.
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